Games of Drones – Final Outcome

June 21, 2016

I was able to gather all that I have been researching and making for my project. It looks nice that you cannot see any wires and circuitry with this version as I have hidden all in the box under it. Although…

The Violent Side of Design

June 19, 2016

I read an interesting post on, following are few excerpts that I liked and would like to include in my research for my project. The field of design is credited with improving our lives in many ways. But it…

Military robots and the future of war

June 19, 2016

In this video, the speaker mentions about the tragic events and situations that US soldiers have to deal with in Iraq. He tells about an incident where commander who is writing a letter back home in the US to the…

3D printed prototype

June 19, 2016

Today I printed a complete frame and propellors of my drone, but the printing quality of propellers did not come out fine as you can see in the images below. Although four propellers were running but motors kept stopping after…

Work in progress

June 18, 2016

I have been using different motors to test my prototype. I am trying to run all four motors with Arduino to control 2 motors clockwise and 2 motors anti-clockwise which is a basic principle to fly a quadcopter. For this purpose,…

2nd Crit – Working prototype

June 8, 2016

Our whole class made stunning prototypes for their relevant tribes and presented in the class today. Our tutors and visiting expert from IBM – London office analysed and discussed our arduino based objects. I got some good critical feedback which will…

Making my DIY drone

June 6, 2016

After doing my in depth research on drones and what is being done in the industry, I wanted to focus on my tribe and build something for them. Since my initial prototype was a wearable device used to give voice…

Making/finding parts to develop my drone

June 6, 2016

Initially I had started by hacking and using parts from my old drone. I have taken everything out of this drone except the body which holds the motors and its propellors. The circuit and battery in the drone will be…

Design and Violence

June 5, 2016

Since my project is dealing with a concept which addresses violence in games, my tutor suggested a very good resource on this. Violence is asking something against the will of others and commanding them to act in a certain way…