IoT Problems Are about Psychology, Not Technology

July 29, 2016

In my opinion this is one of the main aspects when design for internet of things to keep in mind the psychology of the users of the devices. As beautifully put by Lance Cottrell. “We need to get a better sense…

AMBI-PRESENCE (3D immersive telepresence for couples)

July 26, 2016

An amazing idea by Chris Bierbower, a student from CIID, Copenhagen to provide an interface for people who live at a distance and want to feel the presence of each other in their homes. “What are couples in long distance relationships missing out…

Human Isolation : Making Friends By Making Them

July 22, 2016

MIT is the place to be to discover new technologies and innovative ideas. I really like how Dan Chan has created this basic concept of robot for communication and intimacy to cope with human isolation in these times. “Making your…