ART SCENE_Interviews with Patric Prince & David Em

October 25, 2015

ART SCENE_ Interviews with Art Historian Patric Prince & Digital Artist David Em. Originally aired in September 1990. ARTSCENE was a Public Access Cable TV program run on Century Cable studio based in Santa Monica California. It was hosted by…

Visit to The Stanley Kubrick Archive

October 23, 2015

18th century style venetian masks used in the masked ball scene of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Stanley Kubrick, reproduced with permission from SK Film Archives LCC and Warner Bros. The University Archives and Special Collections Centre (ASCC) holds unique and…

Research Visit to Blythe House – V & A Museum Archive

October 23, 2015

Expanded Artefacts: crafting narratives through interaction Last Thursday, 22nd October 2015, it was a cold and cloudy morning when I reached Blythe House at 9:55 am. I was the first student to reach on time. I am very particular when it…

Affordance in interaction/space

October 20, 2015

I saw this interactive installation in Lodon Design Festival 2015 V&A Museum. You can see through layers of glass and also pass through these layers through a passage which narrorows down at the end of the small tunnel. This is…

Thinking about Thinking: Reflective Practice

October 16, 2015

My experience of starting MA Interaction Design at UAL was like bombardment of information at you… Reflection.Aspect.Critical.Experience.Analysing.Digital.Practice.Theory. Explicit.Communicate.Information.Information.Information…  

Hello World

October 8, 2015

Personality Trait Personal characteristics that are revealed in a particular pattern of behaviour in a variety of situations. e.g. impulsive, warm …   I presented a Chinese doll to describe one of my class fellow’s personality. She has a personality…

Do It Yourself (DIY) Studio

October 6, 2015

Day One: We were given our first assignment to create something for our studio using recycled material. Our group created this hanger by using wood pieces from the wood workshop.